About Us

Welcome to Above the Dish where we celebrate life through food & drink, everyday.

Food & Drink are a major part of our everyday lives and everyday, life happens Above the Dish.

Time is spent with family and friends Above the Dish. Holidays are celebrated Above the Dish.  Children learn and grow-up and we all age Above the Dish.

We all live Above the Dish whether we are passionate about food or whether we eat-to-live or we live-to-eat. Our lives revolve around food, we must eat to live but many of us live to eat, our lives are lived Above the Dish. Socially, passionately, or economically-life is lived Above the Dish. In good times or in bad, life is lived Above the Dish. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, we all live Above the Dish.

Life happens Above the Dish.

Above the Dish was created out of our love and passion for food and drink. It is the mission Above the Dish to celebrate life, celebrate life through food and drink bringing people together and celebrating life.

Weather you have a passion for food and drink or not, Above the Dish looks to bring rich digital content about food and drink on a regular schedule. Through our Above the Dish Dining Club we look to bring our members amazing culinary experiences where we will celebrate life, build relationships and enrich our love for food and drink.

Life should be enjoyed to the fullest and we look to show our visitors and members how to enjoy life through food and drink.  Let's start the celebration Above the Dish